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I went to dinner with my two friends and we decided on Mellow Mushrooms. The waiter and in-training waitress were respectful and took our orders, the food arrived in a decent time frame. However, we were all flabbergasted when we saw our tickets for our food. The menu did NOT say that adding anything on our pizza (besides cheese) would cost us extra money.

This was what my own ticket consisted of:

Cheese pizza: 7.99

Adding pepperoni: 1.50 (SERIOUSLY?!)

Garlic bread with cheese (appitizer): 4.50

At least tell me on your menu that pepperoni is going to cost me an arm, leg, and kidney. Adding extra toppings on your pizza should only cost 50-75 cents as most!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mellow Mushroom Waiter.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #951495

Read the Menu!!! The Server should not have to spoon feed you!

Products cost $$$$

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